Sets by Subscription

Your complete jewellery wardrobe—custom-designed and -made!

·         Necklace

·         Chain with bead links and pendant [specially sought or made for you, or a treasure you already have]

·         Bracelets [choose two, a pair or different]

~ bangle

~ chain with bead links

~ beads

·         Earrings [two pairs, on sterling or gold-filled posts or earwires]-

~ beads

~ coins

~ ?!

            All this for $225--$550, depending upon materials and labour.  You may have the set all at once; one piece [or pair] each month for six months; or another schedule of your choosing.  You make a 50% deposit on the set when you order it [after our discussions, see below], and pay the balance on each piece [or pair] when you receive it.  We'll work together to make sure each piece is what you want.  And if you've something extra-special in mind, we can talk about that too…

How it works…

            Tell me something about yourself—what styles do you like:  classic, ethnic, romantic, contemporary—or some combination? What colours do you wear?  Do you wear jewellery all the time, only when you go out, only when you dress up?  Do you travel [this wardrobe is a real plus then, for you just pack it and go—no thinking about whether you've got the earrings for this or the necklace for that…!]? 

            Do you have treasures you'd like me to incorporate in any of the pieces?  Treasures are anything important to you—I've made jewellery from antique lockets and pottery shards from urban construction sites, from shells and antique beads, mineral samples and chopstick rests.  It's colours and shapes and patterns and what they call to your mind that make things beautiful and valuable—not how expensive they are.

            Part of the fun of jewellery is knowing about each of the elements.  In my Artist's Statement, I outline how I put pieces together, why I give pieces names.  With each piece I do, I provide information on each of the elements.  By talking with you, I can select elements that reflect what you like best.  Wearing jewellery should make you happy—that's what I'm after with each piece I design and make.

            After we talk, I'll give you a design packet, with samples and sketches of what I have in mind for your wardrobe.  You tell me what you think, and we'll work on it some more if you wish.  After we've settled the design elements, we'll set a delivery schedule, you give me the 50% deposit and circle the delivery date[s] in your calendar!


            Call me, email me! I'd be delighted to talk with you because I do learn from each conversation and I appreciate your interest!  —And the jewellery wardrobe is not the only possibility, of course:  ?a necklace or bracelet? a pair of earrings?  Let's talk! 



Lucy Sloan


(207) 771-0224