Benevolent Mystery     $150.00  SOLD

Carved serpentine and jade pendant w/ red brass wire [detachable]; serpentine and jade beads, brass heishi, antique Japanese coin clasp w/ red brass wire


I called this Benevolent Mystery because I had had the serpentine piece of which I made the pendant for quite some time, and yet neither Matsuyama nor I were able to figure out what it represents.  But I do think it’s lovely, so I used it.  I’m sure it’s auspicious—whatever it is!

Carnival!     $40.00

Pink fossil beads w/ hand-painted wooden and woven beads, glass beads, brass heishi; red brass wire

Earrings     $15.00  SOLD

Wooden beads, brass heishi, gold-filled earwires

Country fair in summer, Mardi Gras, it’s-grey-so-I’m-going-to-wear-something-that-isn’t, ALL OF THE ABOVE!....  These beads have been gathering for a long time:  the striped ones given to me in Florida 25 years ago—and they were old then.  The woven ones [?Peru] I got in a bead swap with a fellow artisan.  The center has a twin—a pair of earrings were looking for a home—and when I saw the earrings, I knew I finally had the necklace I’d been hoping to put together with the Florida and woven ones.  The results make me smile.  I hope they do you too!




Kamakan [Teakettle Rings]     $45.00

Hand-hammered red brass bracelets [made-to-order]

These kamakan, or teakettle rings [iron ones are used to lift the iron kettle from the fire during the Japanese tea ceremony], were inspired by a pair of iron kamakan I bought the summer of ’94 at Tokyo’s Togo Jinja nomi-no-ichi [flea market].  When I first saw them, I had no idea what they were—I just liked them.  At first, I tried to buy just one, but—not unreasonably—the dealer said ‘Iie’ [‘No’].  So, for Y1500, I got both.  I wore them all the time—and used to set off the alarms at the Embassy security and give the Marine guard on duty a little excitement.  [Polish these red brass bracelets gently w/ a 3m green scrubbie—or wear them all the time, which mostly keeps them shiny.]


Black Greeks     $30.00  SOLD

Museum reproduction classic Greek ‘gold’ granulated discs w/ black onyx, brass heishi

The granulated disc motif harkens back to Mycenaean [15c BC] gold work.

Cock-eyed Optimist     $70.00  SOLD

Vintage Spanish damascene center clasp w/ red brass wire work; black onyx, brass heishi, gold-filled beads

I named this bracelet Cock-eyed Optimist after the song in South Pacific, because the charming bird, surrounded by flowers, is set slightly skewed in its brass mount.


Seeker     $165.00  SOLD

Old cameo in sterling filigree pendant [detachable]; Chinese freshwater pearls, vintage silver, antique cut steel beads; nickel wire [strand ~ 48”; can be worn doubled or tripled]

Earrings     $30.00  SOLD 

Vintage silver beads, Chinese freshwater pearls, sterling posts

 The young woman on the cameo reminded me of pictures of my grandmother taken when she was visiting China and Japan at the turn of the last century—and that was only the beginning of her Asian travels. One of my favourite pictures of her was taken, as she sat, wearing her sensible shoes and her sensible hat—and otherwise suitably dressed, I hasten to add!—on the back of an elephant in India.  She was 79.  –That spirit for you in your adventures too, wherever they take you!


Contemplation     $75.00

Thai Buddhist amulet of seated monk in copper or bronze, set in silver; w/ red brass wire loop [detachable]; serpentine, jade, fancy jasper beads w/ antique cut steel, gold-filled beads; Chinese carved wooden knot w/ red brass wire clasp

This amulet, with its protective frame, reminded me of caves I’ve seen in Japan in which those seeking enlightenment have sat through the ages, contemplating.  The colours of the beads are the colours of the seasons.  In today’s rush, this seemed a lovely reminder to stop and think of the things that matter.

Fortune’s Coins     $25.00  SOLD

Chinese carved jadeite coins w/ gold-filled beads and earwires

The coin is one of the Chinese Eight Treasures that the Japanese adopted and call happo or  hachi ho.  Coins are often part of the cargo of the Japanese Takarabune [Treasure Ship] that brings good fortune into port at New Year’s. 

Fortune’s Coin     $50.00

Hand-hammered red brass bracelet w/ Chinese carved jadeite coin, red brass wire work

 The coin is one of the Chinese Eight Treasures that the Japanese adopted and call happo or  hachi ho.  Coins are often part of the cargo of the Japanese Takarabune [Treasure Ship] that brings good fortune into port at New Year’s.  [Polish this bracelet gently with a 3M green scrubbie—or wear it all the time, which mostly keeps it shiny.]

Found Heart      $60.00

Rose quartz heart pendant w/ red brass wire [detachable]; garnet and gold-filled beads; Yoruba [Nigerian] bead, red brass wire clasp [~22-1/2” long]

The rose quartz ‘heart’ was a find in a collection of tumbled stones the mother of an old friend brought back from a South African trip many years ago.  She gave them to me when she was divesting herself of treasures, and I was especially delighted to come upon this one.  It’s travelled and been appreciated.  I hope you’ll enjoy it too!  --Some say garnets speak of intimacy and desire; other say they protect travellers.


Green Balance  $110.00  SOLD

Brazilian epidote [dark green]. Chinese freshwater pearl, red brass wire pendant [detachable]; zebra jasper [dark green w/ white], gold-filled beads w/ Chinese freshwater pearls; antique Japanese coin w/ red brass wire clasp

Earrings     $30.00 

Old Japanese coins w/ red brass wire work, gold-filled earwires

Green Balance because it does.  The zebra jasper with its white reminded me of the froth on the waves [which is why I chose the antique coin with a stylised wave pattern]—and that made me think of ocean resources—which made me think of the ocean and of using resources in balanced ways.

Island Garden     $115.00  SOLD 

Vintage Chinese cloisonné pi and glass beads w/ red brass wire toggle; sodalite and ambronite beads w/ African jade leaves, gold-filled beads

When I found the pi, I thought of a garden one might have all year ‘round.  Then I saw the small waves lapping at the flowers, and it became Island Garden.  You can wear the pi either on the side with a flower in the center or with the pi clasp in the center.


Ocean Deco      $45.00  SOLD

Art glass plaque w/ red brass wire; blackstone and India glass beads, brass heishi

Earrings      $20.00  SOLD

India glass beads, brass heishi, gold-filled earwires

Really to appreciate the ocean colours in this necklace, you have to put it on and move in front of the mirror to see how the light changes the colours—just as sunlight does across the water.  Deco, of course, is for the shapes on the plaque—and when you move, as light strikes them, they reflect waters’ depths.


Sea Treasure $135.00  SOLD

Ocean jasper swirl-cut beads w/ fancy jasper rondels; hand-wrought red brass ‘Cloud over the Moon’ toggle w/ gold-filled and antique cut steel beads

Ocean jasper is a relatively new mineral find—off the northwest coast of Madagascar—and the amounts of it that have been found so far are limited.  The mix of colours and patterns in each bead and among the beads calls to mind beach walks and found treasures.  One may get lost in contemplating them.  [I designed this necklace for the clasp to be worn at 4 or 8 o’clock in front; I put the most remarkable of these unusual beads in front (from the toggle) so that you may see them if you wear it this way.]


...the second time around...     $65.00  SOLD

Indonesian recycled glass beads, African recycled iron beads on leather cord w/ hammered hardware pendant, red brass wire [detachable]; iron bead w/ red brass wire clasp [~24” long]

Earrings     $25.00

Recycled hammered hardware—steel w/ sterling, brass w/ gold-filled earwires

Love isn’t the only thing that can be more beautiful the second time around.  Many things can have a happy second life if one only looks at them with imagination and entertains possibilities....  [Don’t try to wear this through airport security!]

Seeking Perspective     $85.00

Antique Japanese silver, mirror shard, cedar, red brass wire pendant [detachable]; labradorite, gold-filled, antique cut steel beads w/ old iron key, red brass toggle

Earrings     $35.00  SOLD

Cedar w/ red brass, nickel wire, labradorite beads, gold-filled posts

The silver plaque in the pendant is the back of the clasp of an antique Japanese tobacco pouch.  Its keyhole cutout inspired me.  They key is one from my collection.  I thought of different ways one seeks perspective.  There’s a key—but as is often the case, the obvious is not the one keep looking, and learning....  The antique steel beads are milliner’s beads, also used to trim shoe and belt buckles and for other ornamentation.  I like the labradorite for seeking, because the delight of it is that colours in it shift as the light moves around it.  And when I finished the earrings, I thought they looked rather like the see[k]ing-eye pyramid on a US one dollar bill...

Splendour     $85.00  SOLD

Pat Young dichroic glass pendant w/ red brass wire loop [detachable]; red jade, rock crystal, gold-filled beads; red jade w/ red brass wire clasp 

This is Splendour because when I first saw it, the colours reminded me of the brilliant colours and rich embroidery of Japanese Noh kimono.  Pat Young is a Maine artisan who’s recently begun working with dichroic glass.  A spin-off of the space industry, dichroic glass is made by melting multiple, micro-thin layers of different metals [titanium, chromium, aluminium, zirconium, magnesium, silicon] to the surface of glass to produce vivid colours.





Lucy Sloan


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